Sustainable Brands publishes article on THE RISING film

New Documentary Examines Hidden Human Consequences of America’s Oil Dependency

Mark Manning, former oil industry insider and director of acclaimed Iraq war documentaries The Road to Fallujah and Caught in the Crossfire, has turned his lens to another battle taking place in the Gulf, this time on the U.S.’ Gulf Coast. The upcoming feature-length documentary, The Rising, details the devastating effects not only of BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, but of the company’s cleanup efforts following the spill and the apparent large-scale cover-up of their health impacts on the coastal communities.

The film’s crowdfunding campaign, now live on Indiegogo, has attracted the support of a long list of organizations including Greenpeace, Global Exchange, Government Accountability Project and more, as well as influential journalists such as Thom Hartmann, who is calling this story “bigger than Agent Orange.”

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