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Six years later, we’re sick of this. Literally.

A message from filmmaker and ‘The Rising’ campaign lead Mark Manning:

Friends – I’m writing to you from the gulf coast, where 6 years ago this week the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded. My film crew and I continue to meet people who tell us sickening stories of chemical exposure and lives totally upended by this public health disaster.

This week, we want you to hear and see these stories first-hand.

That’s why this Wednesday, we’ll be live-streaming a community town hall from Coden, AL, one of the cities closest to the disaster. You’ll hear from local residents and experts alike, and even be able to ask questions LIVE on the Youtube stream from our website at These are stories you’d probably never hear on TV.

Unlike TV stations, we don’t have millions of dollars in advertising revenue to broadcast our show: just your voice. Will you add your social media voice to ours this Wednesday as we “Thunderclap” this broadcast to the world?

And don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday, 5-8pm CST on for our not-to-missed livestream from the gulf!


Mark Manning
The Rising Campaign Team