Medical and Scientific Data – Proving The Case

What follows is a brief compilation of many of the medical and science sources that have agreed to work with us – and the logic of our process to be weaved into the antidotal stories.

Subject: PROVING OUR CASE – Medical And Scientific
“Can you prove it?” is literally the billion-dollar question that an army of toxic tort attorneys is working on as we write. Unlike the 1980s when the Exxon Valdez spilled oil, the field of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (OEM) is today more advanced, so the BP workers and general public exposed to BP’s oil and chemicals stand a better chance of proving their claims. Proving it requires showing that people were exposed to dangerous levels of dangerous chemicals from the BP disaster. So we need to address:
  1. The dangerous chemicals;
  2. The dangerous levels; and
  3. The vulnerable populations.

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Medical and Scientific Data – Proving the Case