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The Rising Film & Campaign provides the missing and, arguably, the most important piece to the climate, environmental and energy debates by connecting public health to fossil fuel operations. It’s hard to believe, but this connection hasn’t been made yet! It is imperative that the direct connection between fossil fuel operations and disastrous human health effects be exposed because it is the ‘smoking gun’ in changing public dialogue and political positioning on energy policy. This project intends to push human health to be a top consideration in oil operations, increase oil operation costs by forcing proper settlements for exposed and ailing populations (which will, in turn, create even higher costs as more expensive safety measures will need to be taken during production and clean-up), and will heavily incentivize increasing amounts of funding and support for alternative energy. We strongly believe that an industry forced to protect human health foremost will be forced to protect environmental health. By flipping the dialogue to ‘people first’ the environment will follow because what is truly healthy for people is healthy for the planet.

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