mark manning

A Word from the Director

Dear Friends,

I am grateful and honored to reach out to you today to announce that we are launching The Rising film and public awareness campaign.

THE RISING FILM AND CAMPAIGN provides the missing and, arguably, the most important piece to the climate, environmental and energy debates by connecting public health to fossil fuel operations. It’s hard to believe, but this connection hasn’t been made yet! It is imperative that the direct connection between fossil fuel operations and disastrous human health effects be exposed because it is the ‘smoking gun’ in changing public dialogue and political positioning on energy policy. By flipping the dialogue to ‘people first’, the environment will follow because what is truly healthy for people is healthy for the planet.

Many of the extraordinary film interviews and other footage will be coming to this site over the next days and weeks as we build the campaign. We hope that these moving stories and the outrageous reality of the continued human health impact of the BP disaster will ignite your support and a sense that this issue needs to reach the masses. I write this to you because we need your help to finish the film, gather the team that will be needed to get the campaign to the public, and attract partnerships with human and environmental justice groups that already have a strong following.

We need your help to make this movement and film a success! Please invite your friends and family to ‘like’ this page and suggest partner organizations to help us spread the message and inform the community. We will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to finish the film, so we are actively seeking backers. Please *Like* our Facebook page and let us know you stand with us!

In deep gratitude,

Mark Manning
Director, The Rising